Online Circle

Invitation-Only Gatherings

Monthly Meetings with Other Influencers

The pandemic has narrowed our opportunities to mingle and connect. Conferences and gatherings are cancelled, and traditional venues for discussion have closed.

Sensing a need, we created this online gathering place for our colleagues in the fields of paganism and witchcraft.

This initiative takes the form of a monthly Zoom call for thought leaders, movers and shakers, podcasters, authors, leading thinkers, and the public faces of the witchcraft and pagan fields.

We meet to share and learn from each other, and to discuss emerging trends, developing issues, current realities, and “inside baseball” within the witch/pagan arena. Each month a new topic of discussion is circulated in advance to that session’s participants.

These sessions are about the “field” of paganism itself, and our own individual attempts to grow it. It is a place for sharing tips and strategies. No ideological debates or dogma are allowed.

Get Your Seat at the Table

Sessions are by invitation only. Meetings occur during the first week of the month. The day of the week may vary as we test out what works best for participants.

A maximum of twelve participants can attend on a monthly basis. There is a rotating waiting list for attendance. Participants will be notified in advance of when they will be able to attend.

If you would like to attend please reply to your invitation email and we will add you to the list!


Participants are urged to be careful what they say during Zoom sessions. While this is a PRIVATE meeting and we do our best to ensure the privacy of the event, in this modern age there is always the potential for the meeting to be recorded or infiltrated. By attending, you agree that the Mondonac Center will not be held liable for any harm or damages resulting from your attendance or what you might say.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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