Magick for Entrepreneurs

Our “Magic for Entrepreneurs” course is perfect for small business owners, etsy sellers, artists, online teachers, tarot readers, coaches, and more!

If you have ever started a business, you know that the main blockage towards success is the the business owner (you)!

A business succeeds or fails based on the efforts and dedication of the owner/operator.

This is where magick can help! You can empower yourself with the spiritual energies of the universe in order to overcome personal blockages and succeed!

We teach magick that you can use to unlock the motivation needed to build your business!

With our program you will learn to empower yourself through meditation, ritual, and sacred ceremonies to overcome spiritual, creative, and motivational blockages.

You will discover how to seek personalized guidance from the universe through dreams, synchronicity, and trance.

And finally, you will learn how to master the Law of Attraction and discover how your mindset affects your entrepreneurial efforts!

We guide you step by step as you unlock your true potential through magick!

We keep things simple and straightforward, and focus on hands-on learning and practical applications.

So what are you waiting for? For just $20/month (USD) you can unlock tools to bring you closer to the magickal life you have always dreamed of!

Why We Are Offering This Course

When we set out to create the Mondonac Center, we needed help. And we received it… from the Spirit World.

Thankfully, Jacqueline is a talented shamanic practitioner, witch, and “channel”.

Due to Jacqueline’s gift of channeling, for years we have been receiving “business coaching” from our guides in the Spirit World. 

And now, we feel it is time to “pay it forward”.

We want to share the insights of the Spirit World with others!

The lessons of the spirits are truly transformational. They taught us how to find motivation and rekindle the “fire inside”. They showed us how to get organized, cut out distractions, and get to work! And perhaps most importantly, they taught us how to transform ourselves, burning off what no longer served us and activating our hidden strengths!

With these lessons, you can become the entrepreneur that you always dreamed of being!

Some of the Topics Covered

  • Becoming a Leader (Empowerment)
  • Identifying Blockages
  • Allowing the Creativity to Flow
  • The Importance of Physical Activity
  • Reframing the Situation
  • Positivity
  • There is Always a Solution
  • What Do You Really Want?
  • The Spirits Reward Dedication
  • Gratitude
  • Primordial Spiritual Energies
  • Law of Attraction
  • Your Spiritual Helpers
  • Creative Blockages
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of Success
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Ceremonies for Confidence
  • Having a Clear Vision for the Future
  • Vision Exercises
  • Finding Motivation
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Mantras for Growth
  • Luck Magick
  • Empowerment Ceremonies
  • Making Deals with Yourself
  • Consequences
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • No TV and No Bad Habits
  • Switch that Mood Around

Time Requirements

We know that modern life can be hectic, especially when you are running a business!

Our courses are designed to be completed with about 1.5 hours of study and work per week. Our focus is practical, so you will read and watch video for about half an hour, and then get to practicing!

Experience Level

No experience required! These courses are for tarot readers, witches, etsy sellers, and anyone with drive and ambition!

Course Length

6 Months | Note: you can cancel at anytime and end your billing


All our courses are priced at $20/month (USD). 

Payment is processed by PayPal once per month.

We are so sure that you will love our courses that we always give away the first month free! There is no commitment. During the first free month you can cancel before your first billing date and pay nothing!

Tools Needed

None! All exercises and ceremonies are designed so that you can work magick without tools, with everyday household items, or with DIY tools (this makes them so much more powerful)!

How We Deliver Our Courses

This is a busy world. It is easy to get distracted by life, and this is why we deliver our course material to the one place you can’t ignore: your inbox!

Each Wednesday we deliver a weekly course package to you by email. Every package includes a 5-minute video lecture, weekly teachings, and practical exercises (ceremonies, spells, and more) to get you transforming yourself in a hands-on way!


Instructor Support

We answer any questions you might have about course content and lessons, so you will never be on your own! Just hit “reply” to one of our emails! If your question has never been asked before, we will answer it directly. And if it has been answered before, we will refer you to the relevant section of our Q&A page. Either way, your question will be answered!

Please note: we are unable to answer questions that are not directly related to the course content (otherwise we would be overloaded)! If you desire additional guidance, we offer 1-on-1 mentorship plans.

Student Forum

By signing up for any of our courses, you receive access to the Mondonac Center Student Forum! This is a place where seekers, witches, and shamanic practitioners come together to talk about magick, divination, spirituality, and spirits!

Our forum is hosted on the Discord platform, and can be easily accessed from your desktop, laptop, or from the mobile app!

On the forum you will discover a community of open-minded and supportive people with whom you can share, learn, and grow! We hope to see you there!

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Our courses receive a lot of acclaim! The first course we ever published, Animal Spirits: Connect with the Wisdom & Power of Nature, is ranked in the top 4% of courses by, an independent digital course review site (view review here). Our commitment to excellence drives us to bring this same standard and quality to all our courses!

Other Courses at the Center



Introduction to Witchcraft

13 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Develop the practical skills of a witch in only 13 months.
  • Designed for new witches and those who want to jumpstart their daily practice.
  • Avoid getting bogged down in excessive theory and technical jargon.
  • Learn the basics of witchcraft: how to perform spellwork and work with crystals, plants, energies, and much more!
  • Become a knowledgeable practitioner of witchcraft in only 13 months!



Tarot Magick

6 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • There are more ways to work with Tarot than just divination!
  • Learn to work magick with the 78 cards of the Tarot.
  • Explore Tarot spellwork, pathworking meditations, and energetic empowerments which call upon the archetypal energies of the Tarot.
  • Student must have access to at least one Tarot deck.
  • Discover how to transform your life with the magickal energies of the Tarot!



Crystal Magick

6 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Learn about the magickal properties of one new crystal every week!
  • Discover practical magickal exercises which you can perform with each stone.
  • Explore meditations and sacred ceremonies that will empower with the universal energies flowing through your crystal collection.
  • Unlock the power of crystals in spellwork, divination, cleansing, manifestation, meditation, and much more!



Fairy Magick

6 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Learn what the fairies are and how they live!
  • Delve into ancient lore and the practical experience of modern practitioners.
  • Connect with the spirits of the land and fairies who live in your area!
  • Develop a bond with the fairies and learn to commune with them through “heart-based communication”.
  • Work magick and spells with the fairies!
  • Discover the Faeryrealm and enrich your life with the mystic joy of the fairies!



Kitchen Witchcraft

12 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Vegan friendly: we focus on working with  herbs, spices, grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Discover the core principles at the heart of kitchen magick!
  • Explore the spiritual energies of food.
  • Unlock the many magickal uses of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Perform spells through your cooking!
  • Focus the energies of food towards divination, manifestation, and initiation.
  • Turn your kitchen into a magickal workshop!



Green Witchcraft

12 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Discover the wonders of plant magick!
  • Learn to work with herbs, flowers, trees, and the land.
  • Explore spells and other metaphysical wonders to empower your life.
  • Learn the magickal uses of one herb per week.
  • Craft witchy supplies and items from the land around you.
  • Connect with the natural world and awaken your spiritual connection with the land!
  • Become a green witch!



Spiritcraft Magick

18 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Discover the art of spiritcraft!
  • Learn how to bring the Spirit World into your magickal practice!
  • Explore how to empower your life through spirit-based spellwork, divination, sacred ceremony, and intuitive communication.
  • Work with the spirits of the land, ancestors, animal spirits, deities, and more!
  • Empower your life with the caring and benevolent presence of the spirits!



Paranormal Bootcamp

4 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Do you suspect your home is haunted?
  • Have you had a history of odd encounters?
  • Learn how to protect yourself and engage in a responsible and ethical way with your “invisible guests”!
  • Discover the various kinds of hauntings.
  • Explore tools you can use to cleanse, protect, and (if needed) exorcise.
  • Take charge of your life and surroundings! Discover that there is nothing to fear, because you are powerful!



Witchcraft for Business

6 Month Curriculum | $20/month (USD)

  • Discover the motivation you need to succeed and build your business!
  • Empower yourself through meditation and ritual to overcome blockages.
  • Seek personalized guidance from the universe through dreams, synchronicity, and trance.
  • Master the Law of Attraction and discover how your mindset affects your entrepreneurial efforts!
  • Find the inspiration you need to bring yourself and your business to the next level!

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Disclaimer: For legal reasons we must inform you that all our services are spiritual in nature and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or help. You must be 18 years or older to purchase our services.

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