Paranormal Bootcamp

Course Summary

Do you suspect your home is haunted? This course is for witches and seekers who need to quickly learn how to deal with a haunting or ghostly presence.

You will learn how to protect yourself and engage in a responsible and ethical way with your “invisible guests”.

You will discover the various kinds of hauntings and learn what tools you can use to cleanse, protect, and (if needed) exorcise your home.

This course will empower you to take charge of your life and your surroundings! You will realize that there is nothing to fear, and that you are a powerful being with the right to set your own boundaries!

Course Length

4 Months | Note: you can cancel at anytime

Experience Level

No experience required!

Time Required

1 hour per week


Some common household items are used in ceremonies, such as salt. A “cleansing incense” (as described in the program) is suggested.


$20/month (USD) | Processed by PayPal

Course Outcomes

You will know what a haunting is, what various spirits want, and how to protect yourself and those you care about. Furthermore, you will know how to ethically work towards resolving a haunting situation.

What You Receive

  1. Weekly Course Package (delivered to your inbox and containing an in-depth lesson, 5-minute video lecture, and hands-on activities)
  2. Online Community (the Mondonac Center Student Forum)
  3. Online Gatherings (students and instructors come together on the forum for new moons & Wheel of the Year festivals)
  4. Instructor Support (get answers to any questions directly related to the course material)

Topics Covered

  • Famous Case Studies
  • You are a Spiritual Being
  • Your Spiritual Allies
  • Fear Spirals
  • Breath of Light
  • Cleansing Your House
  • Sealing the Property
  • Talismans and Amulets
  • The Tricksters
  • Scared and Lost
  • Psychpompic Deities
  • Energetic Attachments
  • Residual Hauntings
  • Intelligent Hauntings
  • Poltergeists
  • Ensouled Objects
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Spirits of the Land
  • The Spiritual Ecology
  • The Use of Salt
  • The Use of Incense
  • Blessing Water
  • Energy Parasites
  • Good Ghosts and Spirits
  • Psychopomp (Passing Souls
  • Ancestral Hauntings
  • Ancestral Attachments
  • Curses and Malevolent Energy
  • Prayers of Protection
  • Saying “NO”
  • Guiding a Soul to the Otherside
  • Steps to Take Prior to Renovations
  • Establishing Harmony in the Home

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