Fox Spirit Invocation

Jan 16, 2021 | Magick, Shamanism, Spiritcraft

Fox is an excellent animal spirit to work with. Many can benefit from calling upon him.

His spiritual energies include quick thinking, awareness, swiftness, adaptability, intelligence, new solutions, and seeing through deception. You can call upon Fox Spirit when you need help with any of these powers in your life.

You can meditate, journey, or make offerings to Fox Spirit to ask for spiritual empowerment.

Or, you can perform the following visualization and prayer:

To begin, stand while facing the east, the direction of air and of mind.

Stand up straight, with hands open at your sides, palms facing forward in a sign of receptivity.

Recite from memory, or read:

Spirit of the Fox, I embrace you. I share with you my love and reverence. May you fill me with your cunning and wit. May I partake of your perceptiveness and insight. May you awaken the resourcefulness within me.

In your inner sight visualize a yellow energy coming from the east and filling your body.

Stand for a few moments and bask in the energies that are channeled through Fox Spirit.

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Fox Spirit Invocation

Fox is an excellent animal spirit to work with. Many can benefit from calling upon him. His...

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